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We have to have a short talk about the covers of classical records. Look at this prime example of total tastelessness. I know it is from 1975, okay. But does it have to be this tacky? Aren’t there limits? And what’s with the colourful shirts?

I try to imagine how this went. So the agent from the record company says we’re going to do something new! This time we’re not showing a painting on the cover. Okay, says Itzhak, but what then? Hold on… we’re going to show just you and André. Nothing else? says Itzhak. Nope. No orchestra, no head of the composer, no concert hall, no flowers, just your faces. Oh… and wear something good that day. We’re going to take pictures next week. Maybe get a haircut.

Can I please hold on to my violin? You know, these are violin concerts after all. Without it I feel so naked. And then they first try it without his violin, but Itzhak is so nervous, looking like the rabbit in the headlights of a car. There is no escape: it has to be with the violin. André, do you then want your baton, sighs the photographer… No, I’m good. But since I’m standing, can you do some nice art work around my legs? So that I seem to be rising out of the clouds.

What a fabulous idea! And then we make the clouds from coloured records. Yes, this is another record cover to be proud of.

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