Dvořák – vioolconcert / Tchaikovsky – Trois souvenirs d’un lieu cher


Anton Kersjes used to have a television show, where he talked very entertainingly about classical music. This is where his main claim to fame comes from. There are not many recordings of his orchestra, the Amsterdam Philharmonisch Orkest. The violinist on this record is a lot more famous: Herman Krebbers.

But I wanted to tell more about the orchestra. The Amsterdam Philharmonisch Orkest was founded for a yearly festival in Amsterdam. It was first called the Kunstmaand (‘Art month’) Orkest. They made a few recordings, and had some successful tours in Estonia and Latvia. They also were one of the first orchestras in the Netherlands to play the music of Shostakovich, then still alive and kicking.

But 1985 marked the end of the orchestra. After almost thirty years they were joined with the Utrechts Symphony Orchestra into the Netherland Philharmonic (NedPho). Not a bad orchestra to be part of though: they still exist, and are considered one of the best in the country.

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