Grosse Ballettmusikünchener-Philharmoniker-Grosse-Ballettmusik-Und-Faustwalzer-Aus-Marga/release/8171849

Cheerful ballet music and well known tunes. I don’t own that much ballet music, even though I do like it. And this one is as classic as you can get. Probably Degas did a painting of it.

This is a mono record. It is from 1964, but actually is a re-issue of a 78 rpm record from 1952. This is how the original looked in all its blue yellow glory.

Variable micrograde is a technique that allows longer 78 rpms.

I remembered I liked this record a lot. It was one of the most accessible records I had. I don’t think I ever noticed this is mono (my stereo wasn’t that good!). It is also not written on the cover or the label.

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