Klassiek all-in: Rossini / Mendelssohn / Chopin


This record held a complete surprise for me. In checking the title on Discogs, I saw it had a brown band around it. I never had that, but it did mention the inclusion of a small music quiz by Pim Jacobs. Because I don’t like the pictures of the cover like that, I added my own, without the band.

I’m understanding here that there should also be a quiz form included. That was probably used by the previous owner, because I don’t have it. I’m curious about the quiz though! (it is bad: ten obscure questions and no answers).

The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra does a good job here. The recording is also clear and well done. What amazes me though, is the name of the pianist Martha Argerich. That is a big name among to be honest, among mostly second rate names (except for Pim Jacobs of course!).

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