Smetana – Die Moldaušehrad-Blan%C3%ADk-Aus-Mein-Vaterland/release/6309989

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Can’t you hear the water moving? My girlfriend was was trying to teach me to listen to classical music. I was nineteen, and we were lying on her bed. About the last thing I was interested in was that, but hey, she asked nicely. Uhm… not really. I was never one for tact, and certainly back then even less. It sounds like a river, she said. But I didn’t hear it.

I remember it was on her old record player, and the thing was so old, that it was actually dangerous to use it. Sometimes it short circuited, sometimes it just got very hot. And the water was never flowing.

Listening to this recording now, many years later, I can hear what she meant. Yes, there is flowing. I just hear this is a bad recording of it. It might also be surface damage: I know I was listening to it a lot on the bad record players I used to have. When I bought it, I was happy I got it. I was looking for happy memories, because the relationship was over.

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