Take it or leave it


Another one I bought because of the cover. I was looking for metal music, but it was not easy to find for me. I didn’t have the money to buy it new, so it had to be second hand. And in my experience, most people that listen to metal and have records, know what it is worth. So they’re not selling.

Vengeance was a Dutch band that started in 1983. They are still active, but I have no idea if that is comparable with what they did back then. In the beginning it had Arjen ‘Ayreon’ Lucassen, but then they split up. Lucassen went to do his own things. Wikipedia says the main singer Leon Goewie caused the split because of his behaviour. After he left, the rest of the band followed.

The band Vengeance can be found on Spotify, but the older records are only there in a compilation.

meh, not good enough for the competition

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