White flames


Birds of paradise will forever remind me of the dark and dreary part of the eighties. Snowy White was guitarist for Thin Lizzy before this, and did background guitar for Pink Floyd. Yes, he’s a good guitarist. I just wish he shut up with his voice.

Probably an insult to fans, but the guitar playing on this record does remind me a bit of Pink Floyd. The recording is also superb, so apart from the voice, this is real nice music. Wikipedia says he did the solos for several songs by Pink Floyd, from 1977 onwards. This record has that dark eighties vibe over it though. It reeks of the poor areas where so many of the new wave guys grew up.

My cover is a little different: I don’t have a sticker on the right top side, but a printed text. It says Birds of paradise is an extended version. Does that make this one different?

But more importantly: who is Rita?

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