Bach – Bauernkantate, Kaffeekantate

This must be the most neglected work of Bach ever. Because it shows that Bach also had a secular side. On this record there are two worldly cantatas, mainly for fun. Both were on lyrics of Picander, who also wrote the lyrics for Bach’s other cantatas.

The Bauernkantate (Peasant Cantata) was used to mark the occasion of the handing over of the farmstead of Picander to a new lord. He wanted to get in the good graces of his new lord by creating this piece of entertainment.

In the Kaffeekantate (Coffee Cantata) Bach is making fun of the popularity of coffee. It is called “Schweige stille, plaudert nicht” (Be silent, don’t talk), which might point to the noisy coffee houses in Leipzig at the time.

Harnoncourt is one of the big names in the historically informed movement. The ensemble performing on this record is his own: the Concentus Musicus Wien.

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