Bach – Missae breves

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Ever since Gödel, Escher, Bach it seems the whole boomer generation seems fixed on Bach. Determined to prove Bach is the answer to everything. His music is a mathematical answer to the question of the divine. Listening to Bach would give anyone the answer to the life, the universe and everything: 42 (thanks Douglas Adams).

And I don’t understand it. These incessant attempts at analysis of his music on mathematical terms. Of course if you add all the notes in his works together, you reach the number 42, and if you add that to the name of Bach you will find the true name of God. What is this nonsense?

I read the liner notes for this record and after some introductory notes about the two works performed, it indeed goes into analytical detail. You will never find this approach in romantic music. Is this a misplaced longing for Ordnung in terrified fear that maybe none exists?

The Spotify link only contains the music for side A of this record. Bach’s Mass in A of Kurt Redel is not on Spotify.

And yay, we have new tips!

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