Bloemenwals uit de Notenkrakersuite

If you need guidance in classical music, this is a good start. It does not contain the best performances, but it does give you a good overview on how to find more. Go through it once, pick out the things you like, and then find better versions and the whole piece.

This is perfect for that. For all else, it is rubbish. And no, I could not find this on Spotify. I also did not try very hard I must admit. Spotify offers this kind of thing all around, so the advice I stated above still applies.

I found a new spelling of Tchaikovsky, in Dutch: Tschaikovsky.

There is one pice on this record that might be interesting to mention. The Ave Maria by “Bach-Gounod”. With wikipedia it is easy to find of course, but the meaning of that eluded me at the time. It is a short piece, written mostly by the Charles Gounod in 1853 as “Méditation sur le Premier Prélude de Piano de S. Bach”. He used a small bit of Bach’s prelude nr 1 in C major (BWV 846), but it mostly was his. In 1859 he added the text of the Ave Maria to it, and made it popular.

Nowadays this would be plagiary, but hey, who is complaining?

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