Holborne – Pavans & Galliards 1599


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Renaissance (Elizabethan) dances. And I was studying medieval history. I was actually looking for something a bit older, but believe me, this sounds really old. Again done in the historical manner, so I guess this was a good inspiration while studying.

Something weird here. I’m pretty sure with the Queensday loot nothing was lost, but there are no liner notes with this one, even though it says so on the cover. I’m trying to find out about the ensemble with the strange name “The Guildhall Waits”, but this seems to be their only recording. The other ensemble I do know, and I’m pretty sure I have other recordings of that.

Hearing this record made me want more of this. But music from this early age was and still is not easy to find. I managed to find a good bunch though.

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