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My parents were totally not musical. My father liked the paling sound of BZN, my mother was into christian choirs on Sunday, and maybe some romantic piano music. They usually listened to the radio for the football reports. So what was this record doing in their small collection? It turned out I had an uncle that actually was very much into music. Thanks Harry.

Harry was the rascal of the family. He lived a life without taking much responsibility, which didn’t give him much credit with his parents or siblings. My parents got this record after Harry’s marriage failed and he went to England to find his luck there. Without paying off any debts I might add.

He loved John Denver, which I never really understood. He also was a lot in American protest singers. Which I also didn’t much get. But that might be more a sign of the times than of any lack of taste. Joan Baez I got however. It slowly disappeared into my collection, because my parents never listened to it.

The first five records of Joan Baez are really worth listening to. Don’t try anything after, she lost her charm after that. Also: on any streaming service there are a lot of different versions. The one I link to is not even the one that is on the record from 1962. The streaming versions are good though: they offer some more songs that didn’t make the original cut, but were part of the concert.

As for Harry: he had a successful life in the banking industry in London. At least I think he did well, for when I visited him and his new wife, he had a nice house to the south of London. He died some ten years ago on the Bahama’s after an adventurous life.

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