Oekraïense liturgische gezangen en volksliederen


And now for something completely different. The ex girlfriend that got me into classical music somehow also got me fascinated with religion. Trying to find good recordings of liturgical works was the consequence. And this was the first result of that. It certainly not the best of its kind, but it is a start.

I think when you measure quality in this kind of work, you need to listen for faith in the recording. Does the choir really believe in what they do? It is difficult to hear it in one recording, but more easily in others. If you compare, there are huge differences. Some really sound like monks that do this every day: they sings their praise to the Lord, day in day out. Others do it for a hobby. This one sounds like a hobby. A good one, and fanatically done, but they’re not doing this like monks.

Of course all of this is without any proof. I was not there. It just feels like that.

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