Bach – 6 sonate per violino & cembalo

Okay. I can shout oh no!! Bach again! But I admit to being impressed with this recording. The works are outstanding, as is the recording quality. Probably for modern ears this performance from 1969 might be a bit old. Yet, it is still a joy to listen to this.

These are trio sonatas. They’re supposed to be played by two string instruments carrying the melody, supported by a harpsichord for accompaniment. Bach prescribed an optional viola da gamba as the third instrument for these works, but from what I can see most recordings are made without it. Trio sonatas were very popular in the early eighteenth century, so maybe Bach was trying to sell more? I wonder though, why is it mostly played by just the violin and the harpsichord?

I remember writing about this earlier, but this is how the foam in some record boxes is starting to look after fifty years. Lesson: remove it as soon as possible. This stuff is getting everywhere in the grooves of the records.

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