Bach – Les Concertos Brandebourgeois

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Bach. Again. I did like my oldies when I was twenty-one. It is one of his more cheerful works, which I already wrote about in an earlier post. That record didn’t hold all of them, and my completeness OCD kicked in. So I bought this one. It is funny that I never did a detailed comparison of the two.

And I’m not going to start now. Instead I wanted to write about Kurt Redel. He was a well known name for me, probably from my library-tape days. so I’m expected an elaborate wikipedia page. What do I get? Just the basics. A few accomplishments, born, died, nothing more. Now I’m disappointed Kurt!

The liner notes then. This is a gatefold after all, so there have to be a lot of that. Wow… information about the concertos, in detail. I should have known. It is too late to turn back now. Kurt, this is for you.

Kurt Redel was born in 1918, died in 2013 at the ripe old age of 94 (so that was enough time to fill your wikipedia entry Kurt!). He founded the Pro Arte Orchestra (on this record) in Munich and founded the Lourdes Festival, of which he also was the director for twenty years.

His music is better.

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