Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique

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Question: if I don’t have the original cover, do I own the record? I can play it alright, but I cannot sell it because if I do, the buyer expects it complete. For this record I have added a black cover to hold it, but the original is lost. Now if you say no to my question, does that mean I also don’t own the records for which I don’t have the inner sleeve?

Just listen to it and don’t bother with any of your silly questions Arjan!

The Symphonie Fantastique is one of the first programatic music pieces. It tells a story, a program. Its first performance in 1830 came with a little booklet explaining what the story is about. It is basically an opium induces dream of an artist, featuring fantastical creatures.

Berlioz wrote it to impress a woman. She was an actress, and he met her during one of her performances. She didn’t want to meet him at first, but then was so impressed with the piece she finally married him. And after a sour marriage left him again. Love found and lost. Let that be a lesson in fairy tales!

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