Buxtehude – Kantaten


For some time Buxtehude was seen as the unknown Bach. This Danish composer was actually Bach’s teacher for a short time, so there we are: it is Bach all over again. And just as with Bach, we are dealing with a Lutheran. And so are the songs on this record.

Buxtehude was born in Helsingborg in what is now Sweden, a little before 1637. His father was an organist. He is perhaps best known for his work in Lübeck, where he was organising evening concerts known as Abendmusik. This tradition was kept there until 1810, long after Buxtehude died in 1707.

The Schola Cantorum Basiliensis on this record claims on their website they are the largest institute for the study of Early Music. Amongst their staff are big names as Jaap Schröder, René Jacobs and Jordi Savall.

This small article went from Denmark over Sweden and Germany to Switzerland. And didn’t find anything that inspires me. Sigh, why did I buy this record?

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