Chant Grégorienœur-Des-Moines-De-LAbbaye-St-Pierre-De-Solesmes-Dom-J-Gajard-OSB-Chant-Grégorien-Les-Vêpres-Du-/release/6042067

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This blog sometimes turns into historical research. Nothing fancy, I just google a bit. You don’t see me in the archives anymore. But in this case, it might reveal some interesting stuff. If anyone knowns the answers to the questions I have, please contribute.

First of all: there is no date on the record. Yet, Discogs and Spotify both claim it is from 1959. Now I talked about this before, and it might be because another version of the same recording has the date. Not so much this one. The style and the packaging of the record fit that date though. But uhm… July 15th? That is oddly precise.

Second, my version has a sticker on it, saying in the style of the Decca label: Omega.

Maybe it is the name of the recordstore? It is also on the backside of the cover, but not on the label of the record itself. Anybody knows of a recordstore called Omega?

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