Geminiani – Six cello sonatas

Long before I was interested in the cello, I was… interested in the cello. I think I bought this record because of the cover though. I liked the label, and I try to get my hands on as many of their records as I could find. I have no idea if I listen a lot to it though.

This is very much a connaisseurs work. If you like the cello, especially if you play it, like me, then it is enjoyable. If you don’t, it is not worth the effort.

Geminiani was an Italian violin virtuoso in England. He didn’t write for the stage, which was very fashionable and lucrative in the eighteenth century. Nevertheless, he was considered a master in the art of the violin.

This is not one of his major works, and he also was not a cello player. Now the interesting question is, is it noticeable in how he treats the cello?

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