Jesus Christ Superstar

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Sometimes I’m wondering if anyone is reading this. No, I didn’t install some kind of tracker, maybe because I’m too lazy. So, I don’t know. Which is maybe also a blessing, but let’s not argue about that. This one however, I know will be read. At least by some of my friends.

For those that don’t know this: listen to it. For those that already do: yes, I admit it is full of very recognisable tunes. Ted Neely had quite a voice in those years. He’s still singing the part I heard, but I have not been there to testify. Hehe, good word for this record.

Interestingly, this record is actually not the musical. It is the soundtrack of the film that was made in 1973. As such it has some differences: some songs were not in the original production, but added for the film. Others were abridged in the film. I think I heard the original musical version, but I admit I always assumed it was the same.

The record comes with a nice booklet with some pictures from the film. For fans of the seventies.

The movie was filmed in Israel. I remember I saw it once, but I would like to see it again. This was Israel in the seventies. How much do you see of that? I guess some parts of this movie were showing areas that now are just city, are at least are totally different.

So this is where Judas hanged himself in the movie.

The music was conducted by AndrĂ© Previn. It doesn’t say which orchestra though.

Curious. The record is pressed in Holland, but they used the American prints, so on the outside it says it was printed in the USA. I only found out it was not by looking at the vinyl itself. That doubled the price! It went up from 85 cents to 2 euro! This record is easy to get, so much is clear.

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