Saint-Saëns – Carnaval des animauxëns-Cristina-Ortiz-Pascal-Rogé-Charles-Dutoit-London-Sinfonietta-Philharmonia-Orchestra-Ca/release/14750162

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Really, nothing wrong with this record. Beautiful black vinyl, not a scratch in sight. Good recording, exposing every bit of string that one could wish for. Well performed by a conductor that knows how to perform these colourful pieces. Leave the French music to the French, please. Or Swiss, in Dutoit’s case.

In 2017 Dutoit was accused of sexual harassment by no less than six women. No formal charges have been made though, and he denied all accusations. Since I think you’re only guilty after a trial, I’m happy to see Dutoit is still working after this. Though it probably hurt him a lot.

This record I got from someone I was working with. He played some copper instrument in an orchestra, and knew a lot about how to listen to music. I tried to learn as much as I could from him, and now I still have this beautiful record.

Also on this record is the Danse Macabre. This is well known to all Dutch people, since it is famously used in the Efteling.

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