Verdi – Aida

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My first opera. Nor first heard, but first seen it live. It was in the Amsterdam RAI, which is not a usual concert hall, but a big venue nonetheless. I was very impressed, in particular with the from my distance very tiny naked ladies dancing. If that is opera, I want to see more!

Aida is also the opera with possible inclusion of real elephants. It was written for the opening of the new opera house in Cairo in 1869, but subsequently postponed because of the war with Prussia that kept the materials for the performance in Paris. The Khedivial Opera House was opened with a performance of Rigoletto instead, also by Verdi.

Aida is the captured Ethiopian princess that is serving Amneris, the daughter of the pharaoh as a slave. She caught the eye of Radames, the war general in the war against her own country. And tom make this little war and love story more complicated, Amneris has been trying to get Radames to love her, to no avail.

The famous triumphal march (football matches, that one!) is sung when the victorious Egyptian armies return and the capture of Aida’s father brings matters to a sticky end. Yes, also in this opera people die in anguish. The last scenes of this opera are of an almost unearthly beauty, when Aida dies in the arms of Radames. By that time the opera has spun a tale of betrayal and patriotic drama.

This opera is worth seeing, if not live then at least on a dvd release. There are many good performances, but I am happy I have this one. The sound is good and the arias are of a heartbreaking beauty.

Hearing this again is good.

And look what I found, new tips!

What is “super Emitex”? I am not the only one asking this question. It is a small world.

And in Dutch the library added:

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