Christopher Hogwood – Keyboard music

Have you ever heard of a spinet? Well, on this record it is there. And what of a virginal? Christopher Hogwood plays them all on this record, including organs, harpsichords, a clavichord and a fortepiano. Nice period instruments from English museums.

So this is more of a connoisseurs record than anything else. It is not so much about what is played as on what. The result is a delicate collection that is really worth listening to. Not that I have done that too much. I was never that much into keyboard music of this kind, I find I get a bit nervous when I listen to it.

As this is from the library, there is a card attached, for administration. Every time someone borrowed this, it was noted. Some of these I already talked about (where are you Rita?). According to the card, this record has been borrowed twice. Poor, neglected record, both by me and by members of the library.

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