Mi verry joy


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Songs from the fifteenth century English composers John Bedyngham and John Dunstable. This music sounds so different that listening to it really makes you feel in a different time. Of course it is all a reconstruction. Not much is known about how it actually must have sounded at the courts of the English kings.

For many of these songs it is not even sure who made them. Precise texts are totally unclear. So what is this? The historian in me is inclined to say this says more about what we wanted it to sound in 1983 when it was recorded. But that is not entirely fair. This recording is the result of genuine research into and love for the period. As such, it is an interesting endeavour worth listening to.

The liner notes give references to some of the texts that can shed more light into this music. For a fuller discussion, so further discussion and study is certainly promoted. Music for the history nerd.

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