Oudejaarsavond 1979


“Van oude menschen, de dingen, die voorbij gaan” (About old people, the things that pass). Louis Couperus was on the right track when he wrote his novel in 1904. When I was young, I was told Wim Kan was a hero. He was a very engaged comedian, making fun of the politicians of his time. It makes this record hard to understand without any historical knowledge. It also makes this record a time document. I find that very interesting, but alas, Discogs marketplace says this is worth fifty cents, proving Couperus’ point.

Wim Kan established a tradition in the Netherlands. On (one of) the last days of the year, and broadcast on New Years Eve, a comedian is joking about what happened that year. Wim Kan did his first Oudejaarconference in 1954.

So how is the listening to it? Does it hold up to these times? Not really. As expected, lots of mentions of politicians of the past, scandals I had to look up to know what they were about, and also a bit of dad humor. Nice, but a lot slower than we’re used to now. I leave further judgement to you.

Because of the big chances they are changing, I usually do not post YouTube links here. Let’s see if this keeps. It is actually longer than what is on the record.

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