Phases of the moon月儿高-Les-Phases-De-La-Lune-Phases-Of-The-Moon-Die-Phasen-Des-Mondes-Traditional-Chinese/release/2884011

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Music is very conducive to memories. We all have that I suppose, music that brings you back to the first moments you heard it. This is one for me. Over the elegant sounds of exotic instruments I hear the thundering hooves of horses from the Lord of the Rings. This will forever be connected to my first reading of that iconic book.

I got the record in 1993, but I already had it recorded on tape years earlier. I liked it so much, I even re-recorded it on better, very expensive tape. I knew it came from the library that was always selling their old stuff for very low prices. So when would the record be for sale?

So a friend told me hey, my father bought it, and he doesn’t like it (not authentic enough, he was very much into folk/world music). Do you want to have it? So he arranged, and I was the proud owner of one of my favourite records. The hooves were thundering in all their glory.

In the first years I had the record, some songs were new to me. The tape was not long enough for the whole record, so I had made some choices. Of course as it turned out, these were the tracks I later liked the most.

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