Caverna magica (… under the tree – in the cave…)

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Vollenweider plays an electronic harp, something that was in the seventies and early eighties very unique. With it he created dreamy soundscapes, with some Chinese influences. This album starts with what seems like people talking. Wikipedia says that if you run it backwards (yeah, really…) it sounds like Spanish.

The two people discover a cave, and are amazed at what they find. Their talking turns slowly into drops of the water in the cave, which then turns into music. The rest of the album is then about this cave.

The ellipsis in the title refers to this being the second part of a trilogy: Behind the gardens – behind the wall – under the tree in the cave… closing with the album White winds. On his website Vollenweider says the cave refers to the studio where the record was recorded: Sinus Studios in Bern, now defunct, was situated in a cellar.

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