Die Bach Kantate BWV 145 (Ich lebe, mein Herze) / BWV 112 (Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt) / BWV 51 (Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen)


I’m trying for the longest title. Try this in Spotify! Three short cantatas in a rather cheerful tone. I guess that these were put together because they were short. They’re not connected in another way, it seems.

The BWV 145 is from 1728, for the third day of Easter. It has texts by Bach’s librettist Picander, and some music that is actually not from Bach but from Telemann. Also, is some sources there were two parts added to the beginning, to make it a bit longer. It was deemed to short to be a real cantata. Those parts are not included here.

About the BWV 112 I just discovered the German Hirt means shepherd, not deer. I always thought Bach had some weird fantasy about God being an animal. I am severely disappointed now on missing this juicy detail.

BWV 51 is Bach’s only church cantata for solo soprano and trumpet. An unusual combination, and well suited for the title: it is cheering God in all countries.

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