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I highly doubt that Tina Turner is riding a motorcycle. No idea why, but the idea doesn’t fit for me. This comes from the album Simply the best.

My version has the song Nutbush city limits, an older song now remixed. I never liked that song. However, the UK edition of the 7 inch has a song that never appeared on the album: I’m a lady. I chose the wrong single!

What is actually more interesting is that my single is protected by a sleeve bought at Wastora. And thereby hangs a tale, as they say.

Wastora was a shop in Zaandam, founded by the family Molenaar. They were very successful, and branched out to other places as well, with huge electronics shops. Those parts were later taken over by It’s. All of that is now in the past, because they all went bankrupt.

There was also a big connection with football club AZ in Alkmaar. They bought it when the club went bankrupt. The highlight of that was the winning of the championship in 1981, proudly shown from the shop of Wastora.

The big shop in Zaandam was quite an adventure. It was setup like a giant supermarket, selling almost everything. All on ground floor, making it look even bigger. The in 1993 disaster struck: a fire destroyed most of the shop, along with Wastora itself. They didn’t survive.

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