Mendelssohn / Saint-Saëns – Violin concertosëns-Michael-Tilson-Thomas-Philharmonia-Orchestra-Mendelssohn-Viol/release/6930066

Cho-Liang Lin was born in 1960, so that makes him 24 when this recording was published. Quite a feat, because this is a superb recording. Now Cho-Liang teaches at the famous Juilliard in New York and has played all over the world with almost every orchestra there is. From what I can see on Spotify he is mainly recording more modern, less traditional works nowadays.

More’s the pity that the B-side of this record is totally lost. It looks like a train went over it. No more Saint-Saëns.

Interestingly, this record was pressed in Holland, but has not one word of Dutch on it. The liner notes are in English, French and German. I’m not complaining: it was still published here. It is wonderful how we accommodate, small market as we are.

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