Money for nothing

A large collection of songs from different albums, and my first album for pop music. I remember Dire Straits was everything when I was still at school. I didn’t know it when I was at school, but everyone else was listening to it. Of course not me: I was into Jon Anderson and Vangelis. I bought this five years after it was released. It turned out the popular guys at school were right: it is good music.

The story about the eponymous song of this record is that Mark Knopfler was in an appliance store in New York, and overheard a delivery man on his break complain about MTV, while watching it. Mark K wrote the comments down and literally used them in the song. The song is a commentary about eighties commercialism if nothing else. In spite of that, it also became famous for its innovative music video on the same channel it complains about.

Sleeve that I don’t have.

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