The flight of the condor

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In my memory this is the second record I got from the library and put on tape. My memory probably fails me, but hey. So what was the first record? Be patient reader! All things in good time.

This is a real nice record to bring to a stereo testing session. Years after I listened to it we had people from Chile playing this kind of music on the streets. I could not use my tape anymore (I didn’t have a tapedeck) but I was still hearing this stuff on the streets everywhere. Ad nauseam.

The flight of the condor was a wildlife documentary made by the BBC in 1985. It portrays the beauty of the Andes mountains from the viewpoint of a flying condor. I have never seen the documentary itself, but it is available on DVD I understand.

Weirdly, I can only find a Spanish version of wikipedia about the documentary, and the album is not really on Spotify. The link I’ve put here is a link to a playlist. I hope it will stay there.

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