Geffery Morgan

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Probably the first record I listened to of UB40. No idea why, it is not the best nor the easiest to listen to. It is from 1984 though, and I was discovering a lot of music in that year. Whoever Geffery Morgan is, was always a complete riddle to me. But now I have the internet at my disposal, time for another search.

Either my google skills are not what they never were, or there is not much known about this. Apparently it was found on graffiti by the band. And then used as title for this album. Gefferey Morgan loves white girls.

Was Geffery (Jeffrey? Jeff?) a white man, then was this interesting enough to put on a wall? If he were a black man however, what is the point of this message? Is this a statement for more interracial love? The songs on the album don’t give me any clue.

Then there is a spelling mistake, or rather an aborted attempt to write the name: Jeffery in smaller letters. Clearly, the writer didn’t know how to spell the name. And followed by LEEDS? Confusing.

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