Mendelssohn – Concert in e op 64

No mention of it on Discogs, I cannot even find the image of this on google. So I added my own, alas with my own label. I assume this is actually a reprint of a shellac record, but I cannot find that one either. One fragment of this concert can be found on Spotify, not enough to put it here.

No year of release either. I suppose it is from the fifties, but the recording might be older. I must say, the recording is done surprisingly well. The record is a ten inch, and the sleeve has a glued on image of one of the houses along the Vecht in Holland.

Interestingly, it was made in a place called the Gramophone House. I’m from around there, so I know the place. It looks like a hideous copy of a Swiss chalet, in the middle of a not so Swiss area.

Built as Villa Interlaken in the nineteenth century, it was used as the headquarters of EMI-Bovema right after the Second World War. It housed a studio and there was a record factory. Maria Callas opened the new studio in 1959, and many famous artists followed, among others Yehudi Menuhin, but also the Beatles.

The recording studio closed its doors in 1987. By that time most activities were already moved to other places, and in 1995 all recording activity in Heemstede had moved out. However, there is a link to the still existing record factory in Haarlem, going over CBS and Sony.

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