Pracht en praal van de oosterse liturgie

A compilation of sorts, of liturgical songs from Eastern Europe, performed by the best Harmonia Mundi has to offer. Many of my favourites are there, but I primarily bought this for one name: Svetoslav Obretenov. It turned out I was wrong though: it wasn’t the one I expected.

Still, a lot of beauty on this record, though most people reading this will zone out now. This is for the religion nerd. The collection here is varied, coming from various liturgical traditions, but all from Eastern Europe. I suppose most of them have been severely influenced by the Byzantine ritus.

One performance is coming from a benedictine monastery in Belgium: Chevetogne. Chevetogne is a ecumenical community with a fascination for the eastern ritus. Aside from serving as a religious retreat for both catholics and protestants, they have published really beautiful recordings in the past.

Sometimes the behaviour of the search engine in Spotify baffles me. When I try to find this, I get episodes of a Sinterklaas podcast. Not a word in there that has any resemblance.

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