Smells like teen spirit

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Misprints usually are more expensive on the collector’s market, right? That is what I was always told. Perhaps by people who had them. This one is not, but still the single edition of the biggest hit of the biggest band in grunge is worth something, considering I paid almost nothing for it.

This song is not popular in karaoke bars. The guttural singing and the fact that the lyrics were not published on the liner notes of the album don’t help with hearing what Kurt Cobain is actually singing. Even the interpretation of the song is difficult. It might be both a song about revolution by a younger generation, or against it.

It was never meant to be the main song of the album, but it was picked up by local radio stations in Seattle, and quickly conquered the world. The success of the song often embarrassed the band so much that they didn’t play it at concerts. Kurt said that he liked to play it, but ‘everyone has focussed on that songs too much‘.

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