Suske en Wiske: de charmante koffiepot

With this album in 1970, Paul Geerts took over from Willy Vandersteen as the main creator of the scenarios in Spike and Suzy. The story takes a highly moralist direction when Lambik feels lonely most of the time and takes up friendship with a talking coffeepot.

The coffeepot and Lambik are shunned by everybody. After all, how can someone have a friendship with a coffeepot? The usual bad guys are there as well, hunting for the coffeepot because of the treasure that is supposed to be inside. In the end of the story the treasure turns out to be a note with a wise advice about friendship.

The Dutch wikipedia page has a curious note on this: there is connection with Maoism. For the life of me, I have no idea where that comes from.

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