The psalms of David Volume II

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Volume 2 of the psalms of David by King’s College. I wrote earlier about part 1. This one bears a sticker from another piano seller: C.C. Bender. It took me a while to find out who that is. The search led me to shady websites bombarding me with useless adds, but ha! I found it.

C.C. Bender started out in Leyden, around 1850. Somewhere in the last century, I couldn’t find out when exactly, they branched out to Amsterdam with a shop on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. According to the sticker on the record I have the gramophone department was on number 385, but the pianos were sold on the Spui. It is not clear to me if that is the same shop.

In 1989 it was taken over by the company Ypma, from Alkmaar. Also selling piano’s. The funny thing about that is that they were also selling stereo equipment in other shops, and that I bought my previous record player there. It is a small world.

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