In the Dutch mountains

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Nits is a bit of a strange band for me. To see them, you don’t go to the standard pop podium. Instead you go to the theatre. Or it used to be like that, I have not seen them in ages. Performances are quite special, because they add a lot of extras on stage. It is not only the music, and in that this might indeed be more of a theatre act.

Nits (when this single came out it was “The” Nits) was founded in 1974, and mostly revolves around singer Henk Hofstede. This particular song, like the whole eponymous album, is about his youth in Amsterdam.

I always thought (and have joked many times) that the Dutch mountains are actually the bridges of Amsterdam. Because this country is otherwise flat. When I was young, mountain is what you have on vacation, in other countries. Henk has said however, that it is actually about adventure in the unknown: where the mountains are.

In case you are wondering: the broken image on the cover is really like that. This is not because I had a badly scanned image.

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