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Doe Maar was the band of the early eighties. This was the Dutch Beatles, including hysterical young girls and desperate teenage dramas. It got so bad that the band decided to quit in 1984. They were not taken seriously by their peers, who saw them as a way too popular boyband.

I a way they got their revenge. The four studio albums they made in their short existence gained more and more popularity, and by now Doe Maar is a well respected name. From 1999 Doe Maar booked concerts that were sold out in minutes. A concert in 2021 was cancelled due to the coronavirus, after which singer Henny Vrienten had to cancel it definitively for health reasons.

Skunk (ska + punk) was their second album. The first was not a success. They decided to quit after the first album, but had some contractual obligations. To fulfil them, the founder of the band Ernst Jansz decided to hire professional bas player Hennie Vrienten. They had played together in earlier formations.

The combination of the two song writers turned out to be gold. The result was greater than the sum of its parts.

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