Telemann – Konzert für Trompete, Streicher und Continuo D-durür-Trompete-Streicher-Und-Continuo-D-Dur-Konzert-Für-3-Oboen-3-Vio

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A well recorded performance of interesting work. I mentioned this before, but I don’t have that much music from wind instruments, both in copper or in wood. I don’t like it. This I admit was a treat to listen to.

Telemann is a little older than Bach, and outlives him. During his time, he was more successful than the well known master. Most of what I know from him consists of short works, some nice melodies but nothing special. I first discovered him as the composer of violin pieces for practicing, so I thought he was mainly good for that.

The combinations of instruments in these works make this record unique in my collection: A concert for trumpet, strings and continuo (an early bass instrument), a concert for three oboes, three violins and continuo, and a quartet for recorder, oboe, violin and continuo. All of these are meticulously mentioned on the records sleeve, up to the age of the instruments.

Maybe I find that the most curious about this record. This is from Archiv, part of Deutsche Grammophon. It is almost presented as a work of academics:

XI. Forschungsbereich
Die Deutsche Vorklassik (1700-1760)
Serie A: Georg Philipp Telemann

And that is shown on the front of this record. The back is even more detailed. This is not for entertainment. this is for study.

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