Bach – Clavierübung III. TeilÜbung-3-Teil-Große-Und-Kleine-Orgelmesse-Passacagli

The third part of Bach’s Clavierübungen. I wrote about the first part earlier. This is a version on organ, played on a monumental organ built in the early eighteenth century. Bach’s nephew was organist and Kantor in that same church.

In listening to this recording I was realising how different playing on organ must be from playing a piano. Both might be keyboards, but they work totally different. And then I remembered I once played an organ. Well…

My grandfather was very religious, and as most devout people that age, he bought an organ. I suppose he was playing on it to sing church songs. When we visited my grandparents, I was always trying to play on it. It was my first experience with playing any musical instrument.

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