Bach – Der zufriedengestellte Äolusšek-Kurt-Equiluz-Robert-Holl-Arnold-Schoenberg-

BWV 205 is a secular cantata, or ‘Dramma per musica’, in honour of the nameday of a professor at the Leipzig University. This Dr. August Müller was so popular that the local music master was asked to create a spectacle. About winds, as it turned out.

Aeolus is the god of wind, in ancient Greek mythology. Strong winds, so he has to be appeased, else there can be no celebrations. I wasn’t aware, but it seems there was also a god of mild winds: Zephyrus. With his help the gods manage to stop the strong winds from coming, and the celebrations can take place.

This is really a superb pressing. After so many years it is still sounding bright, with an impressive soundstage. Teldec perfected the art of mastering the recordings at this time, so around the start of the eighties you can find the best examples of that. This record will sound perfect, even on the most crappy of record players.

By the way, I’m putting this under opera, since it is considered by many musicologists to be one. So Bach did write opera?

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