Bach – Violinsonaten

A truly magnificent recording in a very bad state. The box that holds the two records is almost completely destroyed and is stitched together with now almost broken tape. The records themselves are in a very good state though, so I was able to listen to it.

The Violin sonatas might be called that way, but they are actually kind of not. Don’t confuse them with the six partitas and sonatas for solo violin. These are not for solo violin, these are for harpsichord and violin in equal parts, with bass continuo from a viola da gamba.

There are not many recordings of this work that include that bass line from the viola da gamba. I was able to find one from 1997, using Roon. But I highly doubt it would be possible to find this on Spotify. And yes, having that bass line matters.

So if you are curious about this work and how it should sound: good luck. Kidding, I can help you. This is not the same recording, but comes close to what I have.

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