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A 45 rpm 7 inch with three songs from the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. The beginning of superstar Michael Jackson and the end of the Jacksonmania. It is actually titled in full The Jackson Five Maxi, but as far as I see it, it has only been published in the Netherlands.

The story of the five brothers starts in 1963, when father Joe Jackson discovers his son Tito can actually play guitar. From there they Von Trapp themselves to the top, causing a stir that was later mimicked by many boy bands taking them as an example.

By the start of the seventies that craze was already over. They split up soon after, but have come together as The Jacksons many years later, and in some form or other are still active. They were the biggest star from the famous Motown label.

As for Michael Jackson, the song Ben was not his first recording, but he certainly was very young: 14. I suppose that was already a challenge, with the high pitched vocals in the song. It was recorded in 1971, came out a year later, and when Michael had to sing it for the Oscars he had to lip sync it, because his voice had dropped.

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