Couperin – Sixième ordreçois-Couperin-Jean-Philippe-Rameau-Jörg-Ewald-Dähler-Sixième-Ordre-B-dur-Suite-A-moll-Aus-No

For those of us that thought symphonic poems were something of the nineteenth century: here is Couperin: a composer who did that at the start of the eighteenth. From what I read there is a lot of French keyboard music from that time that is like that.

The Sixième ordre is a part of the second book of the Pièces de clavecin. It consists of small, short pieces with descriptive titles like Les barricades mistérieuses. The whole piece is following a day in the life of a family in a country estate in France. There is a short description added to each piece, to put the pianist in a certain mood. It is almost like Eric Satie.

A beautiful recording from Switzerland, recorded in 1969. I admit to being amazed I had this, and it is so beautiful. Usually I ignore the baroque keyboard music a bit, but this was worth it.

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