M’n opa


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For my parents the television series Ja zuster nee zuster was really a thing you stayed home for. The tv comedy was about an apartment building called Rusthuis Klivia, where zuster Klivia is the manager. The neighbour and owner of the building tries to chase them away, but he never succeeds.

The series is well known for the loss of the tapes. Like many tv series of the sixties, the recordings were made on Ampex tapes that were incredibly expensive. To cut costs, the tapes were reused after the episode was broadcast. Since that was a destructive process, most of the series is now lost. The parts that are still in existence are what was made on film: shots outdoors mostly.

M’n opa is a song from the series, and it is sung by the actors playing their roles. The song is well known in the Netherlands.

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