Mozart – Deutsche Tänzeçois-Paillard-Jean-François-Paillard-Deutsche-Tänze-Danse

Mozart’s image from the film Amadeus as a charmer and philanderer is in full view here. A small collection of his dances, more specifically the German dances. Very popular in the eighteenth century, but nowadays almost never performed, yet these are small gems.

The German dance was one that was practiced mostly by lower social classes. A bit like a waltz, with much physical contact and many turns. Those turns inevitably led to some dizziness which led to more physical contact. Yeah, those eighteenth century Austrians knew how to party.

There is a nice painting by Nicolas Lancret on the cover of this record, of what looks to me like a lady that is looking interested at the sweet words the slightly drunk young man is whispering in her ear. Or maybe he was not drunk, but the eighteenth century customary red cheeks give that impression. However, she is also holding a birdcage in one hand. Is that pointing to the limitations of marriage?

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