Strangers in the night

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UFO’s famous live album from 1979. If you’re into the Scorpions, you will like this too. The cover makes me dizzy, but the music is very nice. The end of the Michael Schenker (Scorpions) era for UFO, and it is unclear to me if he is really playing on this record. He quit the band during the tour.

Says wikipedia. According to the inside of this gatefold, the guitar is still manned by Michael though. Any guitarists who can disentangle this little conundrum?

From what I understand Michael was a bit of an uncontrolled figure in the band, sometimes walking off-stage in the middle of a song. It didn’t stop the band from getting fame, also after he left it. After 22 studio albums and 14 live ones they are planning a farewell tour in 2022.

Lights out UFO.

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