Bach – Kantate BWV 117 “Sei Lob und Ehre dem höchsten Gut” / Kantate BWV 93 “Wer nur dem lieben Gott läßt walten”öchsten-Gut-Wer-Nur-Dem-Lieben-Gott-Läßt-Walten

Number 117 is the only cantate I have seen that has no occasion. So far all I’ve seen are cantatas that are made for a specific day in the church year. It looks like this one is made for a general purpose. It is not too long, but still contains nine parts.

From what I can see this is the second recording ever made of the work, and the first of the BWV 93. The recording is probably from 1960, though there is no date on the record itself. The recording quality has to suffer a bit here: it is way too flat for comfort.

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